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Flexible Curriculum for Your Career Goals in Physics

Degee Tracks
Pats to Physics Teacing

B.A. in Physics 

with Secondary Education Licensure

Paths to Physics Teaching

M.A. in Secondary Education

4+1 B.S. or B.A. in Physics to M.A. in Secondary Ed

Lewis University has the curriculum and resources you need to be successful in the field and inspire the next generation

Design your path to becoming a physics teacher at Lewis University with our various program options. You can begin with the B.A. in Physics for the High School Teaching License, or the M.A. in Secondary Education program, gaining the ability to teach grades 9-12 in both public and private schools in Illinois. You can also begin with the 4+1 program where you can transition from a B.A. or B.S. in physics to the M.A. in Secondary Education.


Whichever path you choose, Lewis University will help you develop a foundation in physics while enhancing your teaching techniques for the future. Select a path on the pyramid to or read below to explore your options.

in Physics for High School Teaching

B.A. Physics with Secondary Education Licensure

This program provides you with an opportunity to develop your fundamental understanding of physics, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills, simultaneously gaining hands-on experience through fieldwork and student teaching.

See the B.A. in Physics for High School Teaching (9-12) catalogue

Physics B.A.

M.A. in Secondary Education

M.A. in Secondary Education

This program will equip you with the advanced pedagogical skills and knowledge to teach high school students in the State of Illinois.

See the M.A. in Secondary Education catalogue

Seconday Educaton M.A.


B.S. or B.A. in Physics to M.A. in Secondary Education

This program option allows qualified undergraduates to complete the M.A. in Secondary Education in less time than would be possible if the two programs were taken separately.

See the 4+1 Program catalogue 

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Additional Benefits

  • You have the opportunity to teach early, such as assisting in labs or participating in Outreach: a variety of events where Lewis University aims to bring science to high-need students and underrepresented communities

  • Engage in and give back to your local community by educating helping the next generation become well-rounded people, who will in turn have a positive impact on their peers and society

  • Become part of the growing alumni network at Lewis University

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